We offer dance education and create a safe container for self-growth, discovery and development. Each project first researches what the demographic of the group is, what the participants' needs and goals are and what we can provide. Dance is used as a tool, not a means to an end. Dance provides an opportunity for girls to rediscover and reclaim their own bodies, to assure them that they own their bodies. Through dance, self-worth develops and self-esteem grows. We have fun together. We feel joy together. And that heals. That's the most important part. When we feel healed, joyful and hopeful, we feel that we have a reason to live, it gives meaning to life. Dance helps greatly with that. ‚Äč

Our team is striving for innovation and sustainability in communities across the world through dance. Do you want to make a difference in people's lives? Check out our volunteering opportunities. 

We aim to plan, implement and facilitate CLTD projects all over the world to empower youths to become strong, confident, happy, and independent individuals. In the future we hope to educate community members to become dance facilitators themselves.

Our Mission

HOW does dance change lives?

Through dance we help our students own their bodies, build self-esteem, have fun, and garner hope for a brighter future.  

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Changing Lives Through Dance


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Changing Lives Through Dance

Changing Lives Through Dance is a non-profit organization devoted to positively impacting the lives of girls and women who grow up in poverty, crime, and violence. Through dance classes and mentoring we stimulate their personal development to become happy & healthy individuals