Zahira Lieneke Mous, MFA
Founder | Director

Jean-Louis is a close friend and an inspiring advisor to CLTD. He is an accomplished social entrepreneur and owns a broadcasting and media group in his hometown Yaoundé, Cameroon called Diary of Traveling Souls (DOTS). With a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and a Master's in Human Relations and Non-Profit Management from The University of Oklahoma, Jean-Louis may now be called Dr. Ntang as he completed his PhD in Advertising at Howard University in Washington DC. Dr Ntang speaks fluent English, French, and Japanese. Site: 
Alva is a force behind the scenes for CLTD as marketeer. She has a Master of Communication Science and a Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies with a minor in Cultural Studies from the University of Utrecht. In 2008/2009, Alva studied Marketing at The University of Oklahoma where she engaged in many extra-curricular activities to help international student organizations with cultural events. She enjoys playing volleyball, dance, and Zumba! 

Jean-Louis Ntang, PhD

Alva van Beek, MSc


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Healing dance projects for females, serving as a medium for fun, self-esteem, health, hope and joy 

OUR team

When I visited Brazil for the first time at age 17, the desire to change the world was nearly instant.

I always pursued a life as a dance educator, choreographer, performer, and writer in the arts. I feel so fortunate being able to positively impact the lives of others while sharing the art form I love: Dance. ​    


Foundation History

2018 - Structural changes are being made and plans for becoming an official NGO 

​​2017 - The CLTD team grows with PR specialist Alice Bertoldo

​2016 - planning future projects 

2015 - CLTD holds Summer Delight FUNdraising workshops in Amsterdam

2014 - The CLTD team grows with marketeer Alva van Beek. Zahira Lieneke travels to Brazil with the support of individual sponsors
2012 - Changing Lives Through Dance is founded and Zahira Lieneke travels to Brazil & India to provide two projects 
2006 - Zahira Lieneke goes to Brazil to set up the first dance education project for underserved youths in the Aimorés, MG community 

"Dancing allows me to explore myself

in so many ways, to learn about my limitations and strengths, my ability to cope with adversity and to go farther than I thought I could.

You find out what you're made of."

Andrew Asnes

from OUR founder

Alice is passionate about CLTD's mission and vision and is key in outreach and fundraising to communities worldwide. Alice has a Master's Degree in Women and Gender studies from the University of Utrecht and the University of Granada. She also has a Master's Degree in Social and Organizational Psychology, from the University of Padua. Alice has volunteered and worked for several NGOs, where she gained experience in research and fundraising activities. She is currently finishing her training in Drama Therapy. Alice speaks Italian and English, understands Spanish and is learning Dutch. She loves traveling, reading, dancing, meeting new people, and dogs. 

dance education projects for girls and young women

Zahira Lieneke founded CLTD because she has a passion for dance and facilitate healing with this art form. She has Master of Fine Arts in Dance and Women's & Gender Studies from the University of Oklahoma. She also earned a Bachelor of Theatre in Education from NHL Polytechnic University in the Netherlands. Zahira Lieneke speaks fluent Dutch, English, Frisian, and Brazilian Portuguese and resides in Amsterdam where she works as a performer, choreographer, dance teacher, cultural producer, and writer. She runs her healing dance theater company Project Zahira|Dance Theater from Amsterdam. Site: 

Alice Bertoldo, MA, MS
Outreach & Fundraising 

Changing Lives Through Dance