Changing Lives Through Dance

Dance education and production trajectory for adolescents in rural southeast Brazil

Dance workshops to rehabilitate rescued females who were trafficked into India's sex slavery

We aim to develop and expand our projects worldwide to support and mentor our future generation through the arts

We are currently developing projects with partner organizations in Colombia.

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In this project in AimorĂ©s, MG-Brazil we offer modern dance and jazz dance classes. In 6 to 8 weeks, students work toward an evening length dance production in the community theater of Instituto Terra (Earth Institute) for family, friends, and the community.

This project has been financially supported by Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo and Instituto Terra in AimorĂ©s and private donors. In 2012, Mill Hill Missionaries and Stichting Infancy Matters (SIM) were also donors. In 2014, the local Freemasonry chapter was added to supporters of the project. 

We aim to develop a sustainable dance community by mentoring capable students to become teachers themselves. 

In 2012, Zahira Lieneke taught a 2-week pilot project at the Rescue Foundation in Boisar, India (state of Maharashtra) in collaboration with the Free A Girl foundation from the Netherlands. She worked with an average of 50 females in the ages 13-29 and taught modern dance and expressive movement.

The girls at the Rescue Foundation are a high risk group of young females who need rehabilitation and special guidance to heal traumas of human trafficking and sex slavery. The project in 2012 was made possible solely by crowdfunding via 

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